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Mohammad Mohsin Ali, IMC Delhi

Mohammad Mohsin Ali has graduated from Kolkata University. Did his diploma in Acupuncture and Acupressure from Singapore. He is a Senior Physical Therapist with the Integrated Medical Centre, New Delhi. He was consultant Physical Therapist to British Medical Centre, American Medical Centre, Japan Medical Centre, New Delhi. He has also worked as a consultant Physical Therapist in London, Kuwait, Hong Kong, U A E, Saudi Arabia, and Oman.

Wisdom, as the Oxford publishes, speaks of sagacity, knowledge, commonsense, prudence, experience or simply one miraculous word WISDOM. It is these dignified qualities that help you dismantle all fears of creations and wrap yourselves as the slaves of ‘thy kingdom’. It’s this superior wisdom that extracts and holds the spirit of the body well trained and dedicated to labour let that be worldly or spiritual.

Wisdom holds a connection to all the nerves, yet small or hidden treasures to combine and produce exemplary humans in the race that individuals would consider to be blessings. The Prophets entered with a mission and passed this adhering motion as the doors of prophecy closed upon us and we were left with nothing but the sayings to hold our mighty horses though tough yet gently.

They inhabited this earth with a guiding light that pottered our rational thinking and threw us out of the darkness and an inhabitant of hopelessness into an arena of unfolding mystery and elevated compassion. The Almighty gave us Commands and gave a life to create with his divine help and the shadow of his blessings spontaneously elaborate the mercy of His kingdom.

The state of reckoning is yet to be observed by the misguided path and the flawless mistakes though hidden yet open for brainless creations. Wisdom is the powerhouse, brain nurtures and navigates from; it’s the vast arena of engulfed experiences and unanimous thoughts commanding a ‘mind over body’ sanction.

In an era respecting today where we have unfortunately landed in a series of tasks that remain in dust with the sands of time to be touched and smoothed. Landing in this age or an era to discern the satanic peddlers are vastly symbolized by the diversions dragging us and it is then, we beg our souls out that the wisdom take its stand and grabs our collar and balances the body ( in respect to mind) and control the reins of the mighty horses.

What a faithful mind believes- Mind’s scientific aspect has developed a lot, we now need to develop Mind’s faculty of intellectuality for spirituality. Work the wisdom on the mind and convert the negative thoughts to positives to produce exemplary deeds. Identify Nafs and Satan because they are everywhere, with everybody, running in our blood with full strength to deceive, Planning to trap us damage our present world and Hereafter. We need to understand his tricks in advance. The moment we violate Allaah’s Commands or leave Prophet sws path, Allaahs Angels leave pur protection Satan, Nafs attacks or jumps on us. All the sufferings and chaos start in life. Yaqeen on Iman (Concrete Faith) and Wisdom, which is very hard and difficult to achieve can be destroyed easily if we are not sincere. Our world will never be at “PEACE” without Learning the Deen.

The faithful also believes that top priorities are to be given to earn a Halal Livelihood, to have a Healthy Living and Character building of children. We have to Please Allaah and Prophet sws and surprise to the Angels of Allaah by performing exemplary Deeds (Amaal). Prophets were send to this world with superb qualities. we have to achieve those qualities by striving in the path of Allaah (Dawah). Whatever situations we face come from Allaah that too according to our deeds, good or bad. Even the insignificant of virtues are rewarded and the smallest of the bad deeds are accounted in the court of Allaah.

He often says without enlightenment one cannot discover The Almighty Allaah. Those who cannot discover Allaah; they cannot fulfill His Commands. Men cannot achieve success without fulfilling the Commands of Allaah; their soul cannot be purified. A dirty soul cannot bring favours from the Allaah so human problems multiply. Today people are suffering because of their lack of faith on Allaah and deeds. Day by day, society is going towards bad and evil. People are doing business to earn not to serve the society, Doctors are treating patients to earn not to serve, although they have taken this noble profession to serve. in this book, he has clearly explained all these.

Every one of us will realize one day the secrets of life after death, but it would be too late. Today, men are tremendously under stress, they are without peace, some of them even attempting suicide. They are thinking that peace means comforts and a luxurious life, which is wrong. Peace has a different meaning. It has to be in mind, body, soul and environment. There are many poor people who do not have enough money or a luxurious life but, have tremendous inner peace. That does not mean one has to be poor to gain inner peace. There are many people who are filthy rich but have enough peace, that fulfillment of Commands of Allaah.

For the past 30 years, the author has seen how societies are changing day by day. If it continues with such down fall humans are in danger. A problem that the author has realized is that, those who have understood the mystery of life cry like the prophets, whereas those who could not discover, they do not bother; they are the victims of sins and desires. 90% of us are affected with this illness. Suppose, a man gets a headache in the market, he will run for an aspirin but if a man becomes a thief or greedy in the market, does he go for a remedy? This shows that we are not bothered to cleanse our souls. Millions of sicknesses have already affected our soul. How to clean them? Read this book “Prophet of Peace" “Wisdom of Life” “Ishlah E Nafs, Hindi and Urdu”.

The author has particularly indebted to his mentors Hazrat Maulana Mohd. Ibrahim sb, Hazrat Maulana Ahmed Lat Sb.(Markaz) and Hazrat Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, any of which could have not been possible without their thoughts, encouraging speeches and their immense supply of knowledge. He has learned Iman from the path of Allaah and in company of people of Dawah but polishing the wisdom was learned under the guidance of Hazrat Maulana Wahiduddin Khan Saheb,.

May Allah accept their efforts and reward them with Blessings and Peace in the present and the Hereafter.