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Think for a moment

Millions of thoughts will get retrieved from your memory chip-they will trap your thoughts. Make sure that you are not trapped in one of their wrong nets.

If I am not able to express myself or convince you about something, it verily doesn’t mean I am wrong or if someone for some reason is unable to unfold a few things in their minds, once again, it does not imply that the subject is useless or variably baseless. Believe me, The Almighty has annihilated an inexplicable form of darkness from my wisdom, so many a things that I wish to say or write is strongly backed by and aura of immaculate truth. Here, I mention a few lines from that bound faith and supreme sayings with an electrified depth. I would be highly grateful if you could spend some time reading it.

A deer remains ignorant about the precious musk present in its navel, fish are unaware of the pearls hidden in their stomach, similarly humans restrict their knowledge about the precious gift hiding in our heart that is wisdom. When a man roots to animalistic tendencies, his ears, eyes do not increase in size on the contrary when he acquires angelistic forms his organs remain the same, then what is it that gets constructed or destructed within us? It is the Wisdom (Qalb) which is important. Unfortunately, our Wisdom is covered with a veneer of darkness, ignorance, deceptions and laziness, because we neglected the gift. People have started working towards the materialistic world so that they appear outwardly beautiful, but if we look at the elemental form of the humans, I would not hesitate to say that they are falling at a rapid rate, all for their tremendous negligence and lack of Prophetic or pious guidance. Remember, the human mind, the eyes, tongue and all the activities would not change its course until the wisdom of the heart is not transformed or dealt with, which is exactly why the Prophets were sent i.e. transforming people from the roots. Worldly success is not the real success rather it’s the plastic or artificial form of self centred happiness; the real success radiates from inside. It is the mind’s scientific aspect that has developed a lot, now we must work to develop the spiritual aspect of it.      Read More..

My Priority

    How to go ahead with action      
Step 1>    An effective strategy to counter displeasure. Always fear Allah, while facing displeasure, start reciting Zikr of Allah in abundance, then ask Allah to seep in Imaan, Yaqeen, Sabr, Taqwa and Tawakkul into your heart. Try to refuse all materialistic and worldly belongings and its induced effects. Then cleanse the mind from all evil thoughts and watch your focus so it doesn't divert you towards any non priority subject. But sadly, without understanding the secret of the heart and mind it would be difficult to implement.
Step 2>    Remember Allah in complete silence and calmness. Be present (Labbaik). The Heart has its own pair of eyes, use one eye towards the Zikr of Allah that listen to recites Zikr of Allah with full devotion. The other eye should guard the mind from retrieving past memories and entering your thoughts to divert the focus towards materialistic world and its people. Insha-Allah if you recite or listen to Zikr of Allah through this technique you will achieve lots of Noor, Sakina, Imaan, Barakah and peace. In day-to-day life, practice the same principle for instance while eating, one eye should remain focused towards Sunnah and other should guide the mind.
Step 3>    Do Tauba, astaghfar and recite Daroodshareef to keep your heart (Wisdom) clean and transparent, so that the signs, guidance and Noor from Allah easily penetrate.
Step 4>    If you don't have a strong intellect then the Mind stumbles upon subjects of non priority and that directly affect your productivity, quality performance and Aamaal. Finally this destroys your inner peace and productivity in the present. The best in the world have very high level of execution and intelligence, they get things done fast. Try to stop thinking, ignore thoughts or control them. Keep your mind junkfree, avoid negative thoughts and keep it relaxed and calm. It depends on how much Peace you have in your heart (Wisdom).
Step 5>    Act on your priorities with confidence, execution with Intelligence and Commands of Allah and Sunnah. Do not get influenced by situations and material at all. In the company of others your manners should be perfect, do not backbite and criticise people. Always maintain secrecy. Many people behave foolishly and regret later.
Step 6>    To counter vasvasa, Say 'No' with emphasis and have self-control (patience) towards all addictions, pleasures, bad habits and Haram (Sins). Most people are trapped by Satan's net in these four things. Always remain focus on the Nafs and practice self-control so that you don't commit any evil. Nowadays people are also lost in social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Smartphones and tablets, forgetting or neglecting their duties, responsibilities and priorities. If these happen sufferings will multiply.
Step 7>    Take decision and act according to your own mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and financial conditions. To counter Mind Slavery, Hold Quran, Sunnah, power of Imaan, and professional guidance firmly and think of consequences first.
Step 8>     In order to avoid haste and hyperactivity practice moderation and try to remain cool, quiet and calm.
Step 9>     How do we define the world? In my opinion, it is a garland of hardships you are embellished with from a young age, one that you ought to bear the weight of and keep moving forward. The lessons we learn from pain will always make us the strongest.
Step 10>    Your fate will be decided by your Intention and Deeds (Niyah and Aamaal). Always try to rectify these two things.
Step 11>    Pray Salah/Namaz on time with high concentration, do Dua and strive in the path of Allah (Tableegh) to achieve Imaan, Yaqeen, Sabr, Taqwa, Tawakkul and Kaanah. Above all, Imaan should reflect in all your actions and deeds. Be alert and have commonsense, then back to step 1.

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